Our Custom Jewelry

At Gem58 we love to work with our clients to make their dreams a reality. The personal expression and vision of making something that’s going to last forever is a responsibility we take very serious. Here is how it done step by step. 
First we have to find a budget that works for you then we can work towards finding the best stones and material that will work within it. 
Select your stones
Whether it’s Diamonds , or perhaps a coloured stones like Sapphires or emeralds maybe both ? As certified Gemologists we will find the best quality and value of certified stones. 
Show us your idea 
It might be from a picture you have or even have a sketch you have made whatever the vision we will help you decide. 
CAD Model 
The design setting will be drawn up on a CAD giving you full 3D render to see exactly how it will look, any changes would be made at this stage before a wax model is made ready for the casting.

The Casting

Your Choice of Gold or Platinum is then poured into the mold tom make your perfect ring.

When the goldsmith has done that part then its then sent to the stone setter who will mounts the stones .

Final polish and full inspection is done ready for you you to enjoy forever.